Through the looking-glass to a healthy body image

The "Mimetis Mirror"
a connected mirror for self-use in orthopedic care.


An intelligent mirror can support and improve the rehabilitation of patients and motivate them to do the recommended exercises correctly.

  • Precise exercises selected by the physiotherapist and shown on the Mimetis Mirror

  • Personalised advices and exercises on how to move and find the right posture

  • Evaluation of the patient posture and mouvement against the ideal mouvement

  • A new way to organize rehabilitation session : more animated, focused ad self-motivating


Every day, myriad signs and signals from our body reveal our physical capacities and limitations, and even our inner health conditions. Our connected mirror, the Mimetis Mirror, is an ideal interactive instrument for measuring the body postures of people who are following a rehabilitation program through physiotherapy. The Mimetis Mirror captures every single movement of the body reflected in it, and detects key orthopedic information that is analyzed in real time. Powerful integrated feedback based on precise data informs health professionals so they can personalise exercise programs for each patient. With a Mimetis Mirror, our own body can guide us in our search for a healthier lifestyle.

Our team

We are engineer and physiotherapist patients based in France, close to french Alps mountain. Our goal is to have a beautiful and positive impact in the health sector and we are more motivated than ever to bring new solutions for a better life and health in worldwide.

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